Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why I Blog..

For the last week or so Casey (yes! another girl Casey!) has had guest posts sharing why they blog. Today she has invited all of us to share our reasons, and to link up.

 Why We Blog Week
I first discovered the world of blogs (besides for celebrity gossip blogs) when I was planning my wedding. I felt like I was apart of all of these women's lives. A wedding is a really personal event, and I felt like I knew these women. They were funny and real. I didn't do a lot of commenting or anything, but when I did send an email, they were so wonderful with their responses to my questions. After the wedding, I found newlywed blogs, and then a little over a year after our wedding I wrote this post.

So, why did I start? I have always enjoyed writing and journaling. I wanted a place I could vent, share my crafts and what ever else was going on. I remembered feeling like I knew the women (whose blogs I read) and I wanted to get to know them better, and maybe, just maybe, they might like me too :)

This blog serves as a diary, a sounding board, and a way for me to reach out to other people. The Mister and I have some pretty different interests, and this blog lets me share my love of crafts and food with other people, instead of talking to my husband about how I DIY'ed my new project or what ingredients I used in dinner. (Don't get me wrong, he supports my projects, he just doesn't care about need to know the details.)

This blog has also allowed me to "meet" some fabulous other bloggers. These link-ups have been a fun way to be exposed to other blogs, and to get some exposure. My blog has grown slowly (as far as followers) but that's okay. This blog is for me, of course I want people to read it, because it is the community that makes blogging so much fun.

Why do you blog?


Courtney*Cakes said...

It's a great creative outlet where I can share a slice of my life. :)

Casey said...

YES another girl Casey!! Love it!

Thanks so much for linking up, come by and enter the giveaway today if you'd like!