Thursday, February 6, 2014

Half way there!

I really meant to take weekly pictures. I even planned to pose with my weekly fruit. I bought the fruit one week (a lime) then I was making tacos and used it. Then it took us 20 minutes to get a shot I liked at week 15. I forgot about the onion when I was at the store, and I don't like sweet potatoes. I had planned to do it again this week (#19), but mangoes are expensive in February in Oregon. So I got some frozen ones and made a smoothie. I hope this doesn't reflect on my future momness.

Probably the most common question I get since finding out, is "how are you feeling?" Honestly, I have felt really good. There were 3 nights where I told Craig that my "tum hurts." But I think I just wanted him to bring me some tea. Really the first trimester was a breeze for me. Yes, I was super tired. I would come home and take a nap, and then wake up for dinner, then go to bed around 8:30 or so. With everything that happened with Craig's mom, I was obviously emotional. But I do admit to crying at an episode of Dogs 101. And two episodes of Parks and Rec.

The Friday before Superbowl we got a text that Craig's uncle was hosting a party and Grandma was making enchiladas. These things are fantastic, and she hasn't made them in quite awhile so nothing was stopping us from being there. Grandpa's brother came up to me and said my face "looks nice and skinny and most ladies get pregnant in their face and get all the chins." (there may have been a little lost in his translation, but I'm pretty sure that is exactly what he meant.) Then one of Craig's aunts said my belly looked nice and small and cute. She asked me to remind her how far along I was, when I told her about 4.5 months, she said "Oh, I didn't get that big until 6 months." At least my face isn't pregnant with all the chins.

Probably the most exciting part so far has been our two ultrasounds. We had a pretty in depth one at 12 weeks to rule some stuff out (everything looked good) and it was so neat to see it actually look like something. Yesterday we had our second one. And this one was the biggie. For most of the pregnancy I have had a feeling little one was a boy. Mostly because of the old wives tale that says no morning sickness=boy. Then one day about a week or so ago I was driving home from work and out of no where I got this overwhelming feeling that it was a girl. Craig and I have talked about names for both boys and girls, we have a couple girls names we like but are far from agreeing on a boys name. Then we hear this yesterday:
I told Craig that now we need to settle on a girl's name. He said, "we did ___________." (I think I am going to wait a bit to share our choice with everyone. I mean... I want to make sure that's what it is before I start getting monogrammed blankets and things.)

Welp, I think that's about it for now! I am off work today on an unexpected snow day. So weird for us to have a snow day in February.