Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Government Wants Us to Watch Jersey Shore...

(from the mouths of 8th graders)

One of the things that I love most about teaching middle school is the fact that the kiddos are starting to form their own opinions on pretty big subjects. They are beginning to see that life is big. However, sometimes their thoughts aren't quite thought out. Here is what I have been laughing at lately.

My students always ask me if I have seen certain music videos. My standard response is " I don't watch music videos now that they aren't on MTV." One kid asked if that what the M stood for in MTV. I said, "yes it stands for music and back in the day the majority of what they showed was music videos. Now all they show is Jersey Shore and Teen Mom."
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He responded: "That's the government. They are always messing with good things."
I wanted to be clear before I laughed at him (in my head of course): "So your saying the government wants MTV to play Jersey Shore reruns, so we all have to watch it?"

So there you go, the government wants us to watch Jersey Shore and MTV. I know it's true, because an 8th grader told me so.


Jena Kay said...

too funny!! I teach 5th grade and it's hilarious the stuff that comes out of those mouths.

emily said...

Hilarious! Apparently the government isn't doing so well at marketing because I have yet to see an episode of JS! :)

Katie said...

That is really funny! I can't even imagine some of the things you must hear!