Sunday, October 23, 2011

30 Before 30: Sunday Update #4

1. Vegas with my hubby!- Still on! And now it is a family vacay. The Mister's parents, brother and sister-n-law will all be in Vegas the same weekend we are going. They are going Friday- Sunday, and we will be there Saturday-Tuesday. They are a fun group and I am excited to have the first 1/2 of our getaway with them.
8. Go vegan for a week- I have a vegan friend and she is sending me some of her favorite recipes to try. I will probably do this the week before Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure yet.
9. Cook a new recipe once a week- yup. Still doing it. The recipe that is coming of Thursday will change your life.
11. Continue blogging 4-7 posts a week- This was a bad week for me. My computer dying really put a damper on my blogging, but I am using my brand new shiny laptop, and I am back in the game! And I have a couple posts already scheduled for the week.
16. No fast food for a month (Does Subway count? What about Dutch Bros/Starbucks??I will have to decide...)- The food part of this is fine. Although, October is the month that Subway has all its footlongs for $5. The part that is killing me is that it is October and I want a pumpkin spice latte. Or a pumpkin pie Blizzard. Or a pumpkin milkshake from Burgerville. I almost gave in yesterday and drove through Dutch Bros for a pumpkin pie latte, but I reminded myself that it was October 22, and I only have 9 more days to go.
19. Get a massage- I have a coupon for an hour long massage for $29. I need to call and make an appointment tomorrow for later this week.
21. Meal plan for three weeks straight and follow the plan!- I am starting week 3 right now. I really like meal planning, and doing all of my shopping on Sunday. The Mister isn't as big on it, but it really does take a bunch of stress off me during the week.
25. Take a cooking class- The Kelly's Appliance store has cooking classes. Weird. But, there is a pasta one coming up that is interesting to me.
26. Send birthday cards in the mail, even to people I see regularly- This is birthday season for my family. I sent one off and am ready to send more.
27. Stay a week ahead at work- As far as planning goes, I am doing this. I also found some neat tips for organizing a classroom through Pinterest. I could always use help with this, and there were some cool tricks for this.

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