Monday, October 24, 2011

Non-Holiday Craft: No Sew Blanket

 I was at the fabric store with my friend yesterday so she could pick up some ribbon for a project she wanted to do. I noticed the 60% off sale on fleece, saw the cute little paw prints and I knew I had to make Gus a new bed. These fleece blankets are every where, and this definitely is not my first go at these, but the end product was cute so I thought I would share.

Materials needed:

2- 1 1/2 yards of coordinating fleece, or you could use 2 of the same $14.99

A pair of good fabric scissors (already owned)

Gus is already excited about his new bed!

Lay out your fabric one piece on top of the other.

Cut out a 3x3 inch square from each corner.

Begin to cut 3 inch long strips, about 1.5 -2 inches wide. Eyeball your cuts, but try to keep them even.

Cut fringe around the entire blanket.

Tie the fringe together in simple knots all the way around the blanket.
And you're done! There is a ton of fleece prints, so you can find the perfect print for you, or who ever you are making this for.
Most of the time you can find it on sale, or use the 50% off coupons that Joanne's send out every week. In my area, the fabric/craft stores will all accept each other's coupons.

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