Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do cats get jealous?

Do cats get jealous? Because I think mine did. Yesterday I posted about the cute new dog bed I made for Gus. Allison, knew something was up with the fabric. The entire time I was making it she sat right next to me, looking at the soft, fluffy fleece. Then she watched as I put the final product in Gus's crate and he climbed in and laid down.

Then, Monday morning, I discovered that the little princess Allison, had POOPED on his new blanket inside Gus's crate! I have never even seen her go into Gus's crate, much less leave a little present behind. I think she was jealous that Gus got a new blankie and she didn't.

Do your pets get jealous? Am I the only one who thinks of their pets as little, furry people?

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