Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blogging For Books: The Portlandia Cookbook

I got my second Blogging For Books book! I saw Angi review this book, and it was the one that made me go ahead and sign up for this awesome program. When I saw it was available I jumped at the chance to get this book!

I will be completely honest, I have only seen a couple episodes of Portlandia, but each one makes me laugh because it really is what it is like there. ( I mean, people in Portland have tattoos of the airport carpet. That in itself should be an episode.) When the book arrived at my door, I was super excited to rip it open!

The book itself is gorgeous. I love cookbooks with great pictures, and this one doesn't disappoint. It also has humorous stories and snippets throughout the book, all based on characters from the show. The book is divided into the normal recipe sections (including drinks and small plates!) and the recipes do look delicious. However, this is not a cookbook you can just use on a random night when you are looking for dinner. Or at least, not one I could just use. While the recipes didn't look hard, most required ingredients that I (and many people I know) just don't keep on hand. One recipe I tried was Claire's Co-Workers Sichuan Chicken Wings. The wings turned out fantastic (especially since they are oven baked not deep fried) and the duck like sauce had a nice sweet and salty thing going on.

This is a cookbook I would recommend for anyone who loves Portlandia or pictures of food :)

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, but all opinions are my own.


Meg Taylor said...

I've never heard of Blogging for Books before - this sounds amazing!! And I had no idea Portlandia had a cookbook - my husband would LOVE this!

Nick Sokol said...

It really is an awesome cookbook. I checked it out from the library just to see (after I saw Angi's post, too). SO funny!