Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I think a lot of us sign up for blog giveaways. I mean, who doesn't want to win cool free stuff? I have won a couple things before. Actually, the first give away I had ever signed up for I won. It was this lady's book. After that, I thought I wold win them all. Then I hit a year long giveaway dry spell until I won a gift pack from this awesome girl. That was back in September. Then just last month, my lucky dog won 2 giveaways. I mean technically I won them, but I am not going to use his stuff. Check it out.
First Gus won a Frosty Paws prize pack from Sarah and Floyd. It included that cute little Frosty Paws stuffy and coupons for free packs of doggie fro-yo. Since it has just now started to get sunny here, we haven't cashed in yet. He has had it before and he loves it. 

The other half of that picture is the contents of Gus's Bark Box. He  We won a one month subscription from Jessica and Avery. While I loved the box, Gus was not impressed.
I mean, he likes the treats, but he eats cat poop, so I don't think that is a good measure. He has only sniffed at the pink thing but he has torn up that duck looking stuffy.

One thing that I am impressed with is the prizes I won from Resolutions in Motion. One of two prizes was a print from Olive and Birch. I chose the Beetles print that she has. Check out her stuff. It is super cute. Check out the other thing I won
Look at my cute new sweatshirt from Nutrition Snob. For reals, go look at her stuff. It is so cute. I also won a tank from her as well. It took me forever to decide what I wanted. I could have chosen anything in the shop and been so happy with it. This is my new favorite sweatshirt. Great quality, super comfy, and I love the message. She is also gorgeous which make her stuff look all that much better. 

Have you ever won a blog giveaway?


Jen said...

Yay for winning! :) I love that sweatshirt, it's really cute.

Erika said...

How'd you get all that good luck for winning giveaways??! That sweatshirt is super cute! I've won a few CDs and books over the is always really fun, though!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...


I love that sweatshirt, I'm over checking out their shop now.

Angi said...

Ah that's some awesome stuff you've won! I've only won one blog giveaway, recently I won $50 to Shabby Apple. In all fairness, I don't enter too many giveaways because I don't like being forced to follow a bunch of blogs I don't even read, but still. Winning is fun!

Alison said...

That sweatshirt is REALLY cute. I've never one a blog giveaway. I keep trying, but I'm afraid I'll be 50 by the time it happens and it'll all be for some cool hip youngster thing. Hahaha.

Congrats though! Your dog is a pretty lucky one.

Katie said...

how fun that you won all those things! I love the sweatshirt!