Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 for 5 week 7

As always, a look back at last week...
1. Finish week 4 of Couch to 5K.
2. Only eat out one meal all week.
The Mister and I had planned to go out Saturday night with a gift card. Saturday morning he surprised me with a breakfast bagel when I got home from my run. I also had lunch out twice since I was on a weird schedule at school. 
3. Go to the bank.
4. Mail off my grandfathers flag.
5. Go to ULTA to replace my foundation powder.
It may seem lame to have put this on here as a weekly goal, but it needed to get done. And I did it. So there. :)

4/5 ain't bad! This week is the last work week before spring break, which means we have 2-12 hour work days for conferences. Boo. That also means we have Friday off completely, and there are no kids on Thursday. 

1. Have everything ready for the first week of April before I leave on Thursday night.
That means having all my materials ready for the first day back and for the rest of the week so I don't even think about work during break.
2. Go to Zumba twice this week (Monday and Friday)
Working late 2 times this week means I really do need to schedule in my work outs. I love having Friday off so I can get my workout done in the morning. 
3. Drink water everyday.
I am so bad about this. I need to be bringing my water bottle to work and drinking out of it. Especially with my two long days this week.
4. Make my lunch the night before.
I have pretty much failed at this goal the few times I have written it on here. Hopefully this is the week I succeed. (I mean I don't have to make my lunch for Friday, so there is even less days I need to do this!)
5. Blow dry my hair each night. 
I take my showers at night, but more often than not, I don't dry my hair. My husband hates it and it takes longer to get ready in the morning. 

Have you been setting goals? I'd love to see your 5 for 5 posts!


Jen said...

4 out of 5 definitely isn't bad! :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

4/5 is great!

I have been so bad about drinking water lately.

I did all my food prep today so I'm set for the week!

Becky Dougherty said...

4/5 is awesome! I, too, am a night showerer, and I go to bed with wet hair. For me, that actually makes it EASIER to get ready in the morning, though because I just have to add a bit of curl to my naturl wave then. :)

Susannah said...

Way to go with setting practical goals and attaining them! That's great! :-)

Kristin said...

I don't dry my hair at night simply bc it looks betterthe next day if I don't. I dry it 1/4 of the way and then finish it in the morning, but I slee with it in a bun, so it's not too annoying. If you work out at night, that's when you need to shower, right?

Good luck on those long days!