Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garage update!

Just a quick update on my 6 week resolution

I mentioned yesterday that we are running my mom's estate sale ourselves. When I drove up this weekend to work on it, I also put quite a few things from my garage into the car to put into the sale. Some of the stuff has been in our garage since we moved in. Hopefully someone will see it and be able to use it in their home. As a bonus, all the money earned from the sale goes into the estate account to help pay the bills. I see this as a three sided win. I would post pictures, but honestly, the garage still looks pretty full.

I also took 3 cases of spiral notebooks to work and donated them. I bought them my first year teaching on clearance at Target. It has been a few years since I have used spirals in my classroom and there is no need for me to keep them in my garage when students at my school could be using them. (Another win-win)

Thank you all for your encouraging words when I posted the pictures two weeks ago. My favorite comments reminded me that I, in fact, do not belong on Hoarders. Thanks all!

How are you doing with your goals??


Angi said...

Taking on an estate sale yourself is no easy feat!!! You're going to be so happy when it's all said and done and you get to reclaim your garage. And that's awesome about the notebooks! I love finding good stuff I can give away rather than have to throw away, haha.

Jen said...

So glad that you were able to give some stuff away. Hopefully it all continues to go smoothly.

Tif said...

Whew...that's a task! My garage...is..ummm..a nightmare! Eh..it'll get cleaned someday! LOL! Thanks for linking up with us for the Resolutions in Motion Blog Hop! Happily Following you now!

Ramblings of a Southern Belle

Erika said...

Ha! I think my favorite part of this is that you created a cute little graphic for your garage project. But seriously- an estate sale is no joke...proud of you for taking it on!

Alison said...

Very nice! I hope the estate sale goes well for you! That would be pretty crazy, but you got it :)

I'm glad the garage is going somewhere rather than nowhere :)