Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Wishes

For show and tell, Becky is having us share our Christmas lists today. I love seeing everyone else's Christmas lists. It helps me get ideas :)
Christmas 2012

Yesterday I showed you my list of stuff I won't be getting this year. That is more like my lottery winning list. Sort of. I don't think I could ever spend $150,000 on a camping accessory. Here are some things that are actually on my Christmas list this year. 
  • Nail Polish. I love the Essie Winter Collection, but I always like to add new colors to my mix.
  • TOMS. These are the cutest hand painted pair from etsy. 
  • Fiestaware accessories. This stuff is always on my list. How cute is the creamer set? And the egg plate? Too much. 
  • Foamy soap from Bath and Body Works. I love this stuff. Now I don't know for sure, but I am guessing this candy apple scent for the holidays will smell similar to the 4th of July American Apple Pie scent. (Which was yummy)
  • Microwave safe travel coffee mug. I like hot coffee. When I get to work, my coffee isn't hot. Solution?
  • Rotary cutter/cutting mat. I want to start quilting and these are two must haves. Plus, it would just be easier to have these things when I am crafting and sewing like I do now.
The Mister also has access to my Amazon Wishlist that has a few movies and books on it that I want.

What's on your list??


Kimberly said...

I got a pair of Toms for my birthday and love them! stopping by from S&TM.

have a good week!

Brittany said...

I love Toms! They are so comfy!

Michelle said...

I have the fiesta creamer set, and I love it! I'm asking for Fiestaware canisters and bowls this year :)

Also, the candy apple soap smells amazing. I got it last year and loved it!