Thursday, December 27, 2012

Before I Met My Husband

In Runaway Bride, Ike (Richard Gere) calls out Maggie (Julia Roberts) for not really knowing how she likes her eggs. She just eats them how her current man friend eats them. While that is a bit extreme, I think it is pretty normal to be interested in/like things that you might not have before you were together.

Before I met my husband..
I didn't see a difference in hot sauce.
I also left out the 3 different salsas we have in the fridge...
I pulled all of those out of our cupboards. I know for sure there is some Tabasco somewhere in the house. The Mister uses a different hot sauce depending on what he is eating. Apparently this is a trait shared by his brothers too. At Christmas I was talking to his brother's wife about how the guys put hot sauce on everything. His youngest brother goes through the Costco sized bottles of Tapatio like they are going out of style. (I should have taken a picture of his plate on Christmas Eve. He covered his Turkey in the hot sauce.)

...I never would have watched Buffy.
I have now seen every episode. Plus every episode of the spinoff, Angel. And I liked it. The Mister owned both series on DVD when we met. I kind of made fun of him (in my head of course) for that. He had me watch it after I finished reading the Twilight books. Since then I have expanded my Vampire repertoire to include The Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) and currently the Betsy Taylor series of books.

Speaking of TV shows, I also would have never enjoyed these before I met my husband

We actually first saw an episode of The Big Bang Theory when we were on a flight from Oregon to Florida, and we hated it. I don't know what made us try it out again, but now we watch it all the time (and the reruns really are on all the time.) I also would have never watched Justified. The previews of it make it seem too much like a Western, and that is a genre I am not a fan of. But The Mister made me watch it, and now I became a fan.

...I would not have the knowledge of outdoor clothing that I have.
Or the closet full of outdoor clothing that I have. My husband has made it his job to keep me warm. Probably my biggest complaint is that I am cold. Like all the time. Every gift giving season, he has gotten me some sort of clothing to keep me warm. This year was a North Face base layer and fleece slippers. Last year he researched the "warmest socks in the world" and bought me these:
...I would have NEVER moved back to the town I live now.
P.S. That's my vet...
I wouldn't have moved back here if we hadn't needed to buy a house in between our two jobs. I already wrote about why I love living here.

Are there things that you do now that you wouldn't have before you met your special someone?


Angi said...

OMG...I thought Isaiah was the only one with a hot sauce addiction. That's what our fridge door looks like, no joke - and Tapatio is his favorite. Every year for Christmas I try to find 1-2 new bottles of hot sauce for his stocking, it's a huge family joke...people tell him he needs to carry a man-purse just so he can always have hot sauce on his person, haha!

Courtney Cakes said...

Mark Colby down as also having a hot sauce addiction.

Jen said...

That is my fridge too!!!! :) Kyle has a hot sauce for everything and it's hilarious. I myself am not a hot sauce type of girl.

Kristin said...

We love Justified!
Scott introduced me to sushi. And pho.
I introduced him to every kind of dessert in the world.
Fair, right?