Friday, December 28, 2012

Are you speaking my language??

The other day Ady posted about the 5 Love Languages. When I was in grad school I took a class called Healthy Relationships (trust me, a Masters degree in health education isn't as impressive as it sounds) and I did a project on the 5 Love Languages. It has been a few years since that class, and I was happy to  look at it again, and take a quiz on my love language (again). When you go to determine your love language they first questions they ask are if you are married or single and your role (husband/wife). At the end of 30 questions, you find out what your Love Languge is.

I was really not surprised at my results at all. Neither was the Mister. He then quoted me by saying "say nice things to me." (yes, I say that sometimes...) And my heart swoons a little when he sends me emails in the middle of the day. (it has been a long time since he has done that one...) I made The Mister take it too. Here are his results.

Do you notice something? We are exact opposites! Seeing that was pretty eye opening to me. He usually takes my dishes into the kitchen after dinner. According to this, it is his way of showing me he loves me through his love language: acts of service. What gets tricky is that my love language is last on his list and vice versa. SO... when we are trying to show our feelings the way we would like it, the other person isn't getting the whole picture.

The quiz took about 15 minutes or so to do, and I learned a bunch through it. The Mister grumbled about taking it, but I am glad he did. I am also glad we talked about our answers.

Here is the link to find out your love language!

What's your love language? Do you and your person have different love languages??

I wasn't paid for this post or anything. I just thought it was interesting!


Angi said...

We did this recently, and we're the exact opposite too. My top two were acts of service and gifts, and his top two were words of affirmation and physical touch. Go figure. It's actually been something pretty difficult to work through the last few years (mainly because he LOVES to be touched...holding hands, just a touch on the back, etc...and I HATE to be touched most of the time!) but I think we're starting to get the hang of it. ;)

rebeckann said...

My hubby and I should do this, too. I wouldn't be surprised if we're opposites!

Makaila said...

Read your post, and Rhett and I did it! Very insightful. Physical Touch is number one for both of us.