Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Adventures #10

Guess what? It was a 3 day weekend y'all!

That makes it sound like I did a ton of super exciting things. Thursday night I started off with a raspberry margarita...

But then the rains came. Friday I did some "serious resting" as my husband likes to call it. Really, after a couple phone calls about my mom's estate, I was over it, and the couch seemed like a good place to be.

Saturday I had plans to go on an apple harvest through my favorite local charity, but it was raining, and I am trying to fight off a cold, so I cancelled my spot and gave it up to someone on the wait list. I did however go out to breakfast with the BFF and had an amazing Garden Egg Bake from a local place. So good. I made a little trip to Target for kitty litter and ended up coming out with this...

I got the litter, but I also decided to try a deoderizer. And then I wanted a red sweater (Maybe it was the Target uniforms everywhere.) I also remembered that my in-laws wanted me to make mini cupcakes for Thanksgiving, so a minicupcake pan and liners were needed. And of course I walked by the Dollar Spot and found this cute little "Boo!" sign for the mantle.

Right across the street is Jo-Ann's, and I had a couple coupons, so I needed to go in. During the Walking Dead marathon on TV I whipped this up for above my mantle

Yes, I was inspired by Pinterest. But I LOVE it. Plus it was super easy to make. I just used the same method that I use when I make tutus, plus tulle is super forgiving. The mister and I ended up going to a movie on Saturday night
I thought it was really cute. It was pretty little kid-ish, but it was silly and funny. Really it was just what I needed after the month I have had.

Sunday we both did house work, and got ready for the week. The weather made me really want some comfort food, so meatloaf and mashed potatoes it was.

Overall, not a bad weekend. How was yours?



SMD said...

I love that wreath!

I also hit Target this weekend and came out with more than I bargained for.


Angi said...

Haha, I love how you "had" to go into Joann's. I feel the same way about craft stores! :) The wreath looks great!

Rachel said...

Oh target, you get me every time!

AlliFerg said...

Wow, your Halloween wreath is GREAT! And probably very durable for storing in-between seasons.
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