Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Newsday

I haven't shared my favorite news stories in awhile, but a couple caught my eye lately, so what better time to bring back another installment of Newsday Tuesday. It's a proven fact that 97% of the news sucks. Here is a little bit of the other 3%...
Only in Portland...
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A guy gets his bike stolen. Only to have it returned with an apology note and $10 to replace the lock. The note even told the guy to upgrade his lock so that it wouldn't happen again.

Portland is so weird. 

Rescued Baby Walrus Gets a New Home
Mitik, rescued walrus calf. (Wildlife Conservation Society)
Read about it Here
Two super cute baby walruses (walrusi?) were rescued off the coast of Alaska and now they are getting new homes. I am sad that they don't get to be together. One is going to New York and the other to Indiana.

19 Kids in a Little Car
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A preschool teacher decided to take her class on a little field trip. She took them all in her little car, 19 at a time. Since it was in South Africa, she just got a $170 fine. I have no words.

And because one animal story is never enough...
Dog Rescues Canoe Full of Dogs

Um seriously? Labs are the best. My lab would have jumped in the water only if I threw a ball in first. 

Any good news stories in your neck of the woods?


Jen said...

Wow! I can't believe he returned the bike and even gave $10! Crazy things can happen everywhere haha.

Angi said...

That definitely sounds like Portland...haha.

I can't believe that woman crammed that many kids in her car! Even in other countries, sometimes I wonder WHAT people are thinking...

Alison said...

I saw that one about the teacher cramming kids in her car. SERIOUSLY?! The worst part was that she only got a fine. Why?!

Thanks for ending on a good note with the lab, though. :)