Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catch Up!

Life lately:
-Things are starting to get to the new normal around here. It's weird that is has almost been a month.
-We just started the second grading period of the school year. That means a few things to me (and not a lot to you)
              a. my students are doing a group project this whole week, so I am not doing much.
              b. Sex ed starts next week. That means I will have fantastic student behavior and funny            
stories for the blog...
-I did an #OOTD (outfit of the day) picture on Instagram. I felt dumb, but then people liked it :) Here is proof of why I shouldn't be a fashion blogger.
Cardigan- Target

-I am slightly obsessed with Words With Friends. Play with me? caseys_adventure

-I am thinking about getting a Twitter account. I feel a little left out when bloggers talk about their Twittering (Tweeting?) The problem, I don't really get it. (I think I posted about this one other time too... maybe I should just give in and sign up.)

-I recently discovered that my phone has talk to text and let me tell you what- It is so funny to say a cuss word and have it block it out with little stars. It did block out "butt dial."

-Today I am taking my fat cat to the vet. It's just for her regular shots, but I think they are going to put her on a diet. She's fat. The big reason we are headed to the vet is we are getting another furry addition to our family. It was really important to my mom for us to take her cat. The problem, her cat is  a 15 year old boy cat, who is generally pretty skittish. And my cat is a 7 year old super spoiled cat who has never lived with another cat. Any advice is appreciated!


Jen said...

I love the outfit, the dress looks great! :)

Angi said...

I love your outfit!

I think you should just sign up for Twitter. I don't think ANYone "gets it" until you just start using it, and then you can't quit it. It's like...being able to text lots of people at once. Haha. But better.

Michelle said...

Get twitter now! You would be fun to follow. I refused to get one for the longest time until blog friends convinced me. I just follow my blog friends, but it's been really fun to communicate with people that way. Even though I still think it's a little stupid.