Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OK Thursday

It's Okay....
Its Ok Thursdays

...that I have a bunch of saved blog "posts" that are really just the title. I'll get to them. Maybe.
...that I spend time dreaming of vacations. Instead of doing my laundry.
...that I haven't been to the gym in 3 months. Wait. Not okay. I need to go. I miss Zumba.
...that I have been watching youtube videos of marriage proposals. Those lip-singing/dancing ones always get me.
...that I haven't painted my nails in a couple weeks.
...that I think the new season of Parks and Rec is on too late. 9:30! NBC what are you doing to me? This girl has to get up at 5:15! 
...that this cracks me up. 
love it

What's okay with you???


Jen said...

Oh I dream of vacations all the time. I am ready for somewhere tropical.

Angi said...

Don't feel bad. I haven't painted my nails in a couple of MONTHS. I need to get on that. Fall polishes are my favorite, too.

I love that ecard!!! Hilarious!

Angi said...

OH and P.S...I nominated you for a blog award! It'll be live on my blog tomorrow!! (Thursday)

Alison said...

I totally have a ton of blog post drafts. Most of them have like a sentence or two for ideas that I had at one time, but just haven't been able to really jump into them.

Marriage proposal videos are seriously the worst. I almost always cry.

Rachel said...

Seriously can't make it through the 9 o'clock shows!

Mindy said...

I still have the chipped gel polish on my nails from a wedding a month ago...

I didn't realize Parks and Rec was already back on? I'll have to set the tivo (because 9:30 is definitely too late)!