Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay that I am a bit of an airhead right now...
One of the "now trending" stories on Yahoo said "Tanning Cancer" and all I thought was "What Tanning Chatum has cancer? So sad!"

Yeah, it was about the "new" story that tanning beds lead to skin cancer.
Seriously, why did we need researchers to tell us this? Didn't they already research that?

**Edited to add*** It's okay that I totally didn't see that I switched his name. I really thought his name was Tanning Chatum when I first posted this. I actually thought I had called him Tanning throughout this whole post when I saw a couple of comments on my email. (I didn't. In fact I had corrected myself by the end of the post.)Yup. Airhead. Or tired. Or distracted.

It's okay that I am completely uninterested in the debate/election/politics. I try to pay attention, but I get tired of people saying how great their candidate is and how bad the other guy is. All of these people are biased, so how does someone actually find out the truth?
'Thanks for pushing your political views on Facebook. It has really changed my views', said no one ever!
It's okay that I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible. When I have the down time is when I start to get sad.

It's okay that I am now going to leave you with a bunch more pictures of Channing Tatum, because really, that's what we all want to see.

It's okay that I only posted pictures of Channing without his shirt. I mean, really, what is the point in pictures of him with his shirt on?

What's going on with you? Do you love Channing?


Jen said...

I definitely agree about the political stuff, I finally had to hide a bunch of people on facebook because it was getting out of control.

Kristin said...

When Channing acts, he looks/sounds like my brother. So no, don't really like Channing :)
Also, I did not even know the debate was on until I got on Twitter tonight.
I think it was on super early in Alaska (like 4pm), so nope, didn't watch.

Angi said...

I loooove politics!! But I'm a big believer in doing your own research, too...people just need to be more informed in general. The media is a joke.

Is it okay that I absolutely do not find Channing Tatum attractive? ;)

Jen said...

I never cared about politics until this year. I guess that means I'm getting old. boo. Let's just concentrate on Channing...drool.

Nicholl Vincent said...

i hated all the political stupidity on Facebook last night!

have a great day!

collettakay said...

You are so funny! I seriously laughed out loud about the mixing of the name. My 5 year old came running wantingto see what was so funny!

I think I found it so funny because I am constantly mixing his name up and saying Tatum Channing!

Oh well, who cares what his name is! The way he looks it could be Rufus and we wouldn't care :)

This made my day!

Here's my OK:


Erin said...

Oh hell yeah...I'm all about some Channing...Tanning...whatever the eff his name is...let's be serious, does it really matter (ANSWER: NO)?

Michelle said...

So I could NOT rip my eyes off those pictures. Still can't. Lawd have mercy!