Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five, It's Friday

As you know I have been having a rough few weeks, but I thought I would look at those things that have made me smile this past week.
My leadership students got me these flowers when I came back to work last week. Yes, it was last week but they smell SO good. I kept them in my classroom because 8th grade boys do not smell good.

This. Is. Amazing. 

I found this etsy shop while blog stalking here.
I think Allison would look smashing in a little bowler hat.

My big blog win from Angi. Yes, I already posted about it, but that Alaska mug was perfect for my Delux Kraft mac and cheese last night. And the head band is fantastic.

Dutch Bros. is an Oregon based coffee chain and they give away their stickers for free. I have never wanted one, but this one was way to cute to pass up. It's their breast cancer awareness sticker and I love it. I think it will go on my water bottle but I haven't decided yet.

And the big one... I was in a flash mob during an assembly at school yesterday. Well, I guess technically I organized, choreographed and then danced in a flash mob at school yesterday. I was so freaking exhausted after wards.
If I get a better video, I might post it later, but this is the first one that hit facebook.

Have you ever been in a flash mob? Ever wanted to be in one? Which hat should I buy for my cat?


Jen said...

I love the cat pictures, too cute!

Angi said...

OMG those cat hats are awesome...I wish I knew my cat would keep it on, I would totally get him!

I love flash mobs!! That looked great, I would have killed for my teachers to do something cool like that when I was in school. ;)

collettakay said...

Wow! That is awesome! I bet the kids loved it :)


Kristin said...

...for the record, I told Angi that if I had won her giveaway, she wouldn't have had to bother with all that AK junk. Woulda been cheaper for her :)
But congratulations on winning!