Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend little Adventure

This weekend my town had it's yearly Hop and Heritage Festival. This really is one of my favorite events of the year, and even though I am still grieving, I know I still need to be living. So the Mister and I went the mile down the road (no joke) to take in a good old fashion festival. If you follow me on instagram (caseys_adventures) you would have enjoyed a bit of the small town life.
A Critter Parade
A tractor pull (I don't get it)
Square dancing (I have wanted to join a square dance club since I was little)
Lawn Mower Races
There were also bands, both farmer's markets, helicopter rides, a car show and a pie eating contest. Small town life at it's finest.

And the second best thing that happened:

What could top the Wienermobile? This little fun package was on my doorstop:

A little while ago, I won a give away over from Angi at Backroads and Microphones. The giveaway was for the headband, (which by the way works great on my weird shaped head!)but she sweetened the deal with all these fun Alaskan goodies. That super cute card also had the sweetest note from her telling me that she's been thinking of me through all this stuff I have been dealing with. 


Jen said...

haha the weinermobile is awesome!!!!

Angi said...

I've never quite figured out what a tractor pull is

So glad the headband works for you!!! Still the only one that's ever worked for me. And so glad you liked the rest of the goodies! I had a good time hunting for some fun things for you. :)