Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Adventures #8

First off, thank you for all of your Instagram hints that you left me on my last post. If you started following me on the IG (as all of us cool, hip kids call it) then you would have seen me hashtagging up a storm this weekend. One thing that I am loving about Instagram is all the bloggy people on it, and that I am interacting with more of you now. LOVE it! And if you get around to it, check me out on Instagram @caseys_adventures

And now, this weekend.
To start, a little story about what happened in class on Friday (I realize me being at work pretty much means it's not the weekend, but it's a good story.) So here we are, having a discussion in class about bullying when all the sudden *prrfft* NO joke, I just Googled how to spell out fart noise. A kid ripped one in class. He cut the cheese. He tooted. Not surprisingly, the other students started laughing. What was surprising, was his reaction. "Awww, my stomach. I'm not supposed to have milk, but I had cocoa crispies for breakfast and I didn't take my pill. I was trying to hold it until after class." I asked him if he needed to go outside, he said, yes and out the door he went. He went outside, and came back a couple minutes later, saying that he felt better. Apparently he told his other teachers that he farted in my class too.  I have had students fart in class before, but never with this reaction. The kids were laughing, but not really at him, more at his reaction.
The Mister and I headed over to Mt. Angel for the annual Oktoberfest. Mt. Angel is a small community, that has quite the German heritage. Oktoberfest brings it out, and there is leiderhosen, sausage and beer everywhere. And wiener dogs. Seriously, it seemed like every daschund in the Willamette Valley was there for the races, or just to look stinking cute.

Clock tower at the Glockenspeil, right before it went off. 

I would be lying if I didn't admit that my favorite part of Oktoberfest is the food.
This was my culinary sampling for the day. Strawberry shortcake, cheese fondue, Bud Light Lime-a-Rita (8% alcohol. What??) and delicious spaetzle. (Spaetzle is a German pasta. Here's the recipe I use for homemade spaetzle if you are interested.)

Last Sunday I made a dozen breakfast burritos. (BTW, they. are. awesome.) This week, I tackled the bounty of jalapenos in my garden and made some easy pickled peppers.

I Googled quite a few recipes for refrigerator peppers, and this post was mentioned in almost every one I read. And less than an hour later:
We'll see in a couple weeks if they are any good. I don't think the Mister is holding out hope for them. I have visions of nachos.

After I was done being domestic, I decided to pretend it wasn't going to be in the 90's this week, and bought a new pair of boots for the fall. I do have one small problem with boots: I have what I like to call "power calves." This makes finding boots that fit kind of a pain. I ended up with a pair of scrunchie boots.
Hot Kiss Women's Avery Boot
Famous Footwear
I really want a pair of Frye boots, but my hubby would divorce me I just can't spend $350 on one pair of shoes. I ended my Sunday with laundry and I started rewatching season 1 of Gilmore Girls. (Have you gone back and rewatched the early seasons? They talk so SLOW compared to the later years.)

How was your weekend? Ever been to an Oktoberfest? Do you have power calves? What boots work for you?


Sarah Grace said...

i'll take a breakfast burritto please! :)

happy monday!

Amy Powell said...

oh how I love a good Oktoberfest! looks fun :)

Alyssa said...

I saw your comment over on Anne's blog earlier and just had to come read your fart story! Hilarious! Poor kid!

Anonymous said...

Teach me to can! I wish I could do all of that.

collettakay said...

Oh my goodness! You are just cracking me up today!

I'm off to be your newest follower :)