Thursday, July 19, 2012

A tale of two recipes

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. The princess fancied herself creative, funny and a good cook. In her small world, she was the greatest at all things domestic. Her handsome prince applauded her creative efforts, laughed at her jokes and ate her delicious dinners, often times asking for seconds. One day the princess discovered a website, where other princesses shared ideas, jokes and recipes. The princess realized she could be even greater, by using some of the ideas shared on this website. Some of her creations turned out wonderfully. Some did not...

True story folks. Some things on Pinterest are not as good as you think they will be. While browsing Pinterest last weekend I ran across a recipe for a "skinny" version of chicken broccoli alfredo. I quickly repinned it, and earlier this week I tried it out.
Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo (uses Greek yogurt and olive oil instead of heavy cream and butter).
I mean, look at it. Yum. Right? I have gotten more comfortable with using Greek yogurt in recipes, and I was all about trying out a "healthier" alfredo dish. The recipe calls for two cups roasted broccoli and two cups grilled chicken breasts. I chopped up a head of broccoli, sprayed it with olive oil, added salt and pepper and put it in the oven. My favorite way to cook chicken breasts? George Foreman Grill. Hands down. Even though it is the easiest, quickest and in my humble opinion tastiest way to cook up a plain chicken breast, I fell weird when I use it now that I am not in college. After the chicken was cooked and cut up, and the broccoli was out of the oven, I followed the rest of the recipe to a "T." The sauce looked a little weird. Not creamy like I thought it would be. I ate it, but felt pretty "eh" about it.

The Mister had a different reaction. My husband will eat anything I cook. And most of the time he has seconds. (He even had seconds of the crockpot lasagna I made. The one that I deemed inedible and had PB&J instead.) I knew something was wrong as the number of chews per bite increased. 
"What is this?"
"It's kind of like chicken alfredo, but it's made with Greek yogurt."
"Don't make it again."
The next day, I picked out the rest of the chicken and the broccoli and made a wrap for lunch. Then I dumped the rest of it in the trash. This was a Pinterest fail.

Not everything I make from Pinterest turns out so yucky. One of my first pins has become one of my favorite go to dishes:Zucchini Casserole. Do not be scared off by the name, you can change it up by whatever veggies you have too much of, look good at the farmers market or just feel like eating. It also is a great one to bring to someone with a new baby or illness or what not. I am sharing that recipe today over at  The Life of Two SoKools. Check it out.

Have you had any Pinterest fails? What about yummy successes?


Erika said...

Sad-- that light chicken alfredo looks really tasty!! Guess there's just no way of knowing what will bomb and what will succeed!!

K.Compton said...

I agree that zucchini casserole is a great dish to give someone who just had a baby:) So yummy!!! I need to make this again soon!

hollie marie said...

The picture does look awfully tempting... bummer it didn't turn out so well! I also still LOVE the Foreman- and completely agree it's the easiest way to grill some chicken! Own it!!