Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Bucket list revised

I know I already posted my original summer bucket list, but now that the light is at the end of the tunnel week, it's time to get serious. Here is my revised summer bucket list:

Around town
Thursday night Movies in the Park: I have never been to this yearly event. Every Thursday in July and August, the town shows free movies in the park. Most of the time they are family movies, but I know they are showing the new Footloose one night, and I really want to make it to that one.
Friday Night Music in the Park: Free concerts on Friday nights. We went to a couple last year, and even if you don't know the band it is still a fun time.

Rogue Brewery/Hopyard: I LOVE this place. Delicious beers, yummy apps, AND you can bring your dog. Perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Festivals: My town is KING of the festivals: 4th of July, Western Days, Hop and Heritage, Fiesta de Latino (it's called something like that...) Along with the festivals I will be running in the 4th of July mini-marathon (2.6 miles) right before the parade. This year I will dress up! I've also heard they are having a new 5K with the Hop and Heritage fest.

I have sewing projects up the yin yang that I even have the materials for. It's time I bust them out.

Paint: I need to finish the hall and paint our bedroom. Also, all the trim in our house needs to be replaced. 

Kitchen floor: I don't actually know if this will get done this summer or not. It would be nice, but I am not making any promises.

"Gallery Wall" I have been inspired by this pin to get something up on the walls of our living room. Now to find a big frame.  I am thinking I will just put 4 8x10's  in it, so a poster sized frame should work.
Large frame, pattern behind, framed photos inside.

Exercise: Dear Gym Membership, I haven't forgotten you. I miss you so. We will be together again soon! Love, Casey. Besides for the gym, I also want to get back into outdoor running, at the very least, I want to be taking my dog for long walks a few times a week, besides for just playing fetch with him.

Eating: New recipes do not always mean healthy, but I usually "healthy up" most things. PLUS summer is the perfect time to try out new veggie recipes. I also really want to try canning this year. 

Mental health: I will read books for fun. I will hang out with my friends regularly. I will be outside everyday. 

Kauai: I can't wait until August when the Mister and I step off the plane. :)

Camping: I MUST go camping at least once this summer. 

Portland: We have tickets to see Aziz Ansari in Portland at the end of June. I would love to make it an overnight trip, and just have a little fun up in the "big city."
Girls Trip: I still want to make time to hang out with my girlfriends on a little overnight trip.

The not so fun (These have to go on here, so the Mister knows I am productive on my time off) 
Craft room: This room needs some serious organizational help. YIKES!
Garage: I need to finish going through my stuff out there so we can get shelves and stuff up.

Deep cleaning: Kitchen/bathrooms. Boo.

Seriously, how do you non-teachers get everything done without summer break? What's on your summer bucket list?

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Rachel said...

That's such fun bucket list! I just got back from a weekend with my girls, heavenly! Stopping by from Mingle!

Beverly Frazier said...

hey hey now... portland is near our hood where we're currently at... Corvallis. Portland is a beautiful city, and you'd have so much fun if you made it an overnight trip!!

and it's always a struggle for me to get the dogs out for walks vs. playing at the dog park. They just burn so much energy at the park that I can't imagine them being just as tired on a walk :/ guess it's still good to get those guys leash trained, huh??