Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

Inspired by Melissa at Forever and a Day and all of our amaze-balls weather we are having here in the  valley, I decided to write my Summer Bucket List. I have about 4 1/2 weeks left of work before my summer break, and I can only dream about what I want need to get done this summer.
80's holla!
1. Tent Camping
I love camping. LOVE. L.O.V.E. Last summer, we didn't go camping once, which was my fault for not making it a priority.

2. Girl's Trip
I have one trip semi-planned (as we in talked about how fun it would be to have drinks by the pool) with a girl friend I work with who will be house sitting in Arizona. I also would really like to get away with the BFF. She has been talking about being done breastfeeding in June, and then she is leaving the kiddo with the hubby and we can at least go somewhere for the night.

3. Kauai
We bought our tickets this week. I want to leave yesterday.

4. Canning
I really want to do some canning this summer. I usually do freezer jam, but I think it's time I put on my big girl pants and do some real canning. We have two cherry trees in our back yard, and I would love to can some.

5. Hood River, Oregon

I love Hood River. Every time I head up there (about 45 minutes east of Portland) I want to live there. I have good friends there and this picture is pretty much the view from their living room. The town is so cute and there is so much to do there.

6. Festivals

One thing that my small town does right is festivals, and we have a ton in the summer. This picture is from the Hops and Heritage festival in late summer. There is also a HUGE 4th of July festival, fiesta de Mexicana, and a couple more. PLUS every Thursday night in the summer they play movies in the park. Every Friday night is a concert overlooking the river. We only really went to one last year, and I had tons of fun. I definitely want to make it a few times this summer. (Seriously, its like a mile and a half from my house. And they are free. No excuses!)

What's on your summer bucket list?

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