Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Confession Time!

It's Wednesday, so its time to confess! Head over to e, myself and I and link up! Come on, all the cool kids are doing it. You know you want to try it. (I am teaching about peer pressure right now...)

Today I am wearing (at work...) a pair of skinny jeans, TOMS, and a Volunteering is Hot T-Shirt. I am trying to decide if I am trying to look like a middle school kid.

The shirt is from my leadership class (that I teach), so that's more professional, right? (It does increase the chance that I am dressed like a kid however.)

I had been contemplating taking a personal day today, until I realized that today is the day of our annual Spaghetti Lunch that the secretaries at work put on for the staff (for Teacher Appreciation Week.) I missed it one year due to illness and I even considered going in just for lunch that day. Each secretary makes their own sauce and they are all incredible.

I want to own a pair of TOMS in every color/print they make. I got mine on Friday and have worn them pretty much everyday since. The Mister hates them. He calls them expensive slippers. My response? No, those are Uggs.

You know what I hate? Kids with cell phones. Well just when they use them in class...
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I really like that One Direction song, What Makes You Beautiful and The Wanted's Glad You Came. Totally reminds me of BSB & n*sync.

What are you confessing??


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Lol! Loved this post! As a fellow teacher I "get it" all!

do_it_ajen said...

I've got that sign in my classroom!

Annalee said...

Beware of Tom's! I love them, but I reccomend wearing socks of some sort... I wore mine all the time until the smell became unbearable. Even washing didn't help get rid of it.

Katie said...

ahh i totally love the one direction song too - it was one of my confessions this week too! Too funny! And i love the cell phone sign also. I used to teach and would tell my kids that if I saw them fumbling under their desk with their hands they could only be doing one of two things - ha! I taught high school, can you tell?!

Kayla Calcote said...

Confession - I think I look like a student every "dress down Friday" at school. T-shirt, jeans, and TOMS. I've got a pair of "Calculus" TOMS and guess what I teach... math. Dorky, I know!
The poster about texting is priceless!