Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Newsday!

Last Tuesday I posted a couple of news stories that popped out at me from the week. Then I realized Tuesday Newsday sounded fun, so here I am again. 

First Off, I'm sure you have seen this lady by now but...Tanning Mom...
There is so much to say. Courtney Cakes said it best when she described her skin color as a vat of wood stain. Much has already been said about her living in a world without mirrors.  But May is National Melanoma Awareness Month, and as much as I do love to lay in the tanning beds, I don't because cancer = not worth a golden tan. (Or what ever this lady's skin color is.)

Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys performs in 2004 at the VooDoo Music Festival in New Orleans.
I won't pretend that I was a HUGE fan of the Beasties, but I did enjoy there music, and when one of the few songs I have downloaded pops up on my iPod, the volume gets turned up. He was a young guy, with a daughter. Cancer sucks. 

Freaking wow. The woman cannot feel her legs and using a special suit she was able to complete an entire marathon. And I complain when I get a blister on my foot.

Any cool news stories I missed?

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Melissa said...

Yeah... tanning woman is making a huge mistake. I wrote a post about Skin Cancer Awareness yesterday.