Monday, May 28, 2012

A name dilema

I have been toying with the idea of changing my blog's name. Actually, I have never really liked "First Time Wife," and neither has the mister. One of the very first things Blogger asks you to fill out is the name of your blog. I felt a lot of pressure to pick a name, and all I really wanted to do was start writing my story. I chose "First Time Wife" because I was no longer a newlywed, but I was still figuring out this wifey thing. I was okay with the name until the Mister said something to the effect of the "second time I was a wife."

Then, I started getting the Google hits. I blogged about it here. (It was back in my early days, so you probably didn't read it.) Today I was checking my blog stats catching up on some reading when I noticed that I got a Google hit for "first time with friends wife." So... I think its about time for a change.

I am searching for any ideas you all have for me. This blog is about my everyday adventures with DIY, cooking, teaching and anything else. The Mister and I want this blog to be semi-anonymous so my students can't find me, so using our last name is out. I kind of like "Everyday Adventures" now that I just wrote that out. Kind of has a nice ring to it.

What do you think? Any ideas to throw at me? Was picking out your blog's name hard?


Courtney M said...

I have to admit I maybe, kinda thought the same thing when I read the title of the blog but I definitely thought it in a joking way like "Does she think she'll be a second time wife in the future?"

I like everyday adventures! It definitely captures all that you write about

Michelle said...

Oh man, I'm kinda cracking up a the google hits. I see your point for sure! Also, totally hear you on wanting to change the name of your blog. I HATE my blog's name but I have zero idea what to do about it. It's been almost 6 months and I have no ideas!

Holly Grass said...

As a 2nd time wife, and would actually love to be a 3rd time wife, I think the blog name is great. I understand not wanting your kids to find the blog. I teach Head Start so it is more not wanting my parents to find it or even my boyfriends kids since he teaches high school. Everyday Adventures is a great name too though.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

blog names are tough... I find a lot of the blogs I follow have similar names that include love or life or beautiful and I get mixed up on who's who. Everyday Adventures is nice, although it's not unique and your blog is SO great you should STAND OUT.

Us Ever After
Mrs. Ever After
Mrs. Happily & Mr. Ever After
The Teacher Student
Detentions & DIY's
From A to K.C. {get it?}

okay I'll stop - I'm lame and think coming up with blog names is fun. I was going to change my name to Mass of Contradictions, but I think Saige Wisdom is a bit different and in the blog world I've learned that different can be good {and memorable}.

Kara said...

Choosing a blog name was definitely the hardest part! I think I spent 3 weeks just thinking of a name before I even started my blog. You definitely want something unique, because there are so many blogs that have the same name. Try to incorporate your name(s) or career to come up with something a little different!