Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Goals- An Update

Seriously? It is already April? That means a quarter of the year has passed already. Yikes! Not to sound like a cliche or anything, but time is flying by! At the beginning of the year, I posted some goals for 2012. I haven't updated how I have been doing on them, so I figure now is as good a time as any!

Go on a big vacation. Go on a little vacation. Go to 3 new places in Oregon. Read 12 books for fun. Get a make over.
We have booked our place for our summer vacation to Kauai! I am so excited for August to come. I also have been reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evonavich. I highly recommend them! I have finished 17 of them, and am working on number 18 right now. So, I guess that one can be checked off!
Learn to sew. Make one thing a month. Give some homemade gifts.
I have been sewing some things. I took a beginners class at JoAnn's, but mostly I have been teaching myself. As far as making one thing a month, I made some baby shower gifts, pillows and I finished reupholstering my settee. Maybe not exactly one a month, but I will take 3 things in 3 months. I was also gave away gifts, so I feel like I am doing pretty well on this one.

Finish painting the house. Install flooring. Get on a regular cleaning schedule. Put up shelves in kitchen. Put up something on our walls in the living room (gallery wall?). Do something with the "entry."
We painted the hallway, but I think we will repaint it. We also bought the paint for the bedroom. The floors went in last week. That's pretty much it.

Make a new recipe every month. Learn how to can. Take a cooking class.
Um, I'm not doing very well at this one. I do have two new recipes planned for this week.

Put 10% of my paycheck into savings each month. Get a CD through our credit union. "Want" purchases of more than $20 go on a 30 day wait list.
10% each month goes into savings. That is something to pat myself on the back for. I sort of started a "want" list, but I haven't been sticking to it.

Train for and complete the Rock-n-Roll Half in May. Get a massage. Work out 12-15 hours a month.
I registered for the RnR, but I haven't started my training. Yikes! I was working out pretty regularly, but I need to get my booty in gear, especially for our Hawaii vacation.

Send thank-you notes and birthday cards regularly. Finish changing my name. Take Gus to a dog class.
Nope. Nothing.

Do you set goals? How are you doing on them?

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