Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's raining men... I mean baby boys!

Two of my very dear friends are (very!) pregnant with or just had little boys. I made each of these little guys a couple presents to welcome them into the world. I already blogged about my tie/bow tie bibs. I made those in time for M's baby shower last month. However, my friend K was also having a boy and she was also getting some tie bibs. K reads this little blog pretty frequently, and told me she saw them. Drat.

Today was K's shower, so I thought I would share the second half of my handmade baby gift. These were another pinterest inspired craft (as if  there are any other kind??). The original post has really detailed instructions, but basically take a prefold cloth diaper, measure the thick part, cut cute fabric to size, and sew it on. The hardest funnest part was picking out the fabric! This is a perfect project for a beginning seamstress like myself because a) all straight seams and b) it is made to be puked on, so if there is a mistake or two on it, it's okay :)

I washed and dried everything on hot before I cut. Then I did all the cutting and then all the pinning. Then I got out the sewing machine. I chose to use flannel fabric because it just seems like it would be more absorbent.

Mom & Dad modeling their new gifts


emily said...

Very cute! I'm sure your friends appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Katie said...

love your sewing projects! looks awesome!

thanks for the comment :)