Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boy Bibs

In 8th grade I took home ec. When I sit down at my sewing machine, that is the knowledge I am pulling from. This is NOT a sewing blog, although I do want to get better at it. I am even registered for Sewing 101 at my local JoAnns next week. But that is next week, and I have a baby shower to go to today. I saw these on Pinterest and fell in love with them.

There are actually a bunch of pins for this type of project and many of them go to different etsy pages. I love etsy. I also love doing things myself.

Please ignore my nails. Gross!

So I started by drawing out a template for a tie. If I had a printer at home, I would have printed one off the Internet. I folded an index card in half and then drew out one side and cut it to make it even.

I also cut the "knot" part off the tie so that I could have two different pieces of each tie.

I made a bowtie too by doing pretty much the same thing.

Cut your tie out of fabric and sew it on to a plain bib. I used a zig zag stitch because its fun.

Over all they are pretty darn cute if you ask me, but on closer inspection, they are definitely home made. If I had bought some from etsy they would have been much more professional looking, but I had fun making them. And picking out the fabric.

I wish I could say I just whipped these up, but actually they took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to do. One of the most frustrating things for me about sewing is that when something goes wrong, I know that some people could look at what is happening and fix it in a nano second. I fix things by taking out the bobbin, unthreading the machine and starting over. That seems to fix it.
What are you crafting? Any sewing tips for a novice?

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J. Sapp said...

These are adorable! Somehow I have not seen these on Pinterest yet, but I am totally going to try making these. I think they turned out great!