Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday... and a weekend or two recap

I have had ZERO motivation to blog lately. I don't know what it is. I have a couple posts started, plus another couple floating around in my head, but I just can NOT type is out. I have been kind of emotional lately for no apparent reason. (And NO I am NOT pregnant.) Like today I gave up my spot in Zumba for someone else and then I almost started crying in the car on the way home. Ridiculous.

Any who, speaking of Zumba, Friday night my gym had a Zumba Valentine's Day party- basically it is a 2 hour Zumba class with some snacks at the end. I had so much fun at it. (Maybe that's why I was sad about not Zumba-ing today?) However, Friday night was the Mister's birthday so I kind of left him home alone while I was shaking my tail feathers. I did wait to sign up for it until he said it was okay to go.

We have been having fantastic weather so Saturday afternoon we took a walk at the dog park in the "city." I always feel weird about going there with out our dog, but he isn't very social, and I still like to look at the cute puppies playing :) Then we celebrated the Mister's birthday by going to Thai food and then a fro-yo shop. (All the Mister's choosing.) We decided to end the evening with a visit to the Blockbuster Kiosk and he got to pick the movie. He chose True Grit. Honestly I didn't pay that much attention to it but it seemed pretty good. Sunday we had a low key Super Bowl at my in-laws with delicious food. Which, is the second best reason to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday (the first of course is the commercials!)

I know in Blogland it is too late to talk about last weekend, but oh well I'm doing it anyway. Last Saturday was another weekend filled with sunshine and we headed out to the coast.  After lunch, taking a walk on the beach, relaxing and reading and getting some freshly made salt water taffy, we left the coast and headed home. On the way back, we stopped by an Indian Casino and I won $300 playing craps! Woo Hoo! I'll just share some pictures of the beauty that is the Oregon Coast!

Not us on horse back, but still fun to see

I love to sit out and read on the beach. Yes it is sunny, but it was January. It's still cold!

So many seagulls! Love the ocean!

Yumm! Salt water taffy. A must do at the coast!

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