Sunday, February 12, 2012

Best of the 2012 Grammys

I've never really wanted to be famous. The lack of privacy and the threat of pictures of me going to the grocery store in sweats and my Uggs without a shower is enough it make it so I never try to pursue acting or singing or modeling or whatever the Kardashians and the Hiltons did to become famous. (That and a lack of talent in any of the above areas.) But this time of year, I wish I could be famous. This time of year being awards season. I would love an excuse to wear a fancy gown and get my hair and make up done. Since I am out of high school and won't be going to another prom and I already got married, I don't see any reasons to get dolled up in my future. But if I was famous...

 How good does Carrie Underwood look? When I first saw it I wasn't sure about the sleeves, but with that back I think it is just lovely.

How classy is Adele? She has gotten a lot of attention for her size as well as her voice. I freaking love her 21 album as well as this dress on her.
Who would have ever thought Kelly Osborne would clean up this well? I'm not a fan of the hair color, but the style is classic. The dress also looks really good on her.
I don't know why Dr. Quinn is at the Grammys, but day-uhm. I hope and pray I look that good when I'm 60+. Hell, I wish I looked that good now!
What were your favorite Grammy looks?


Brittany said...

We didn't watch the I'm glad you posted this and I can see some of the dresses. All of these are gorgeous!! Carrie's especially is just stunning.

Courtney Johnson said...

ADELE!!!I have the biggest girl crush on her!!! When she said snot last night I died!