Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest: It's The Little Things

Sometimes on Pinterest I get caught up on the amazing DIY projects, yummy looking desserts and drool worthy homes. I think we all do. But I have seen some pins on there that make me hit my head and think "Why didn't I think of that?" This post is about those little things. Sometimes I didn't even pin them, but they stuck in my head. Each of these little "projects" (if you can even call them that) cost me nothing, and are awesome.

1. Dish rack folder holder

I originally posted about this in November. You might have seen it before because it is at the bottom of my most popular post ever. (Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament) Basically I used an old dish rack and made a folder for each day of the week to hold the upcoming lesson plan and lesson materials. I was really good at using this before Christmas break. Not so much since we have been back, but the new semester starts next week, and I am really trying hard to improve my classroom organization.

2. Bread bag tags

This was another one I did in my classroom. Using the plastic tags from bread bags, I labeled  each of my cords in my surge protector. That way when I need to plug something else in, I can easily figure out what I should unplug.

Here is a closer look. I just used a fine point sharpie to write on the tags.

3. A Tic Tac box to store bobby pins
Genius! Apparently I didn't pin the original, and I can't find it now but all I did was finish up the Tic Tacs I had left in the box, wash it out and remove the label. It is the perfect size for bobby pins! I usually end up taking my hair out on my drive home during last period, and this is such a better way to store those pins. I was able to clean out the random pins out of my purse and car and store them in here.

4. Chives in a water bottle:
I haven't done this yet, but basically, chop up the green onions/chives and store them in the freezer in a plastic water bottle so they don't go bad. I hate throwing away produce, and green onions/chives is one of those things that I seem to always toss because we never use them all. We are having a baked potato night later this week, and this time I will be freezing all my unused chives for next time!

Have you done any little things from Pinterest- please share!


Whitney Reed Cypert@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

All such great ideas!

I tagged you in my last post! : )

Meg {henninglove} said...

seriously pinterest has given me so many awesome ideas!! especially natural cleaning products, love pinterest

Courtney Johnson said...

The dish rack file folder holder is genius... I haven't come across it yet!!!
I just love that website so much!