Saturday, January 21, 2012

A tour of the flood

We got an extra three day weekend- Friday school was cancelled due to flooding in our area. We have had a crazy amount of rain lately, on top of our snow melt and the river, creeks and tributaries just could not handle it. In the small town I live in, several roads were closed and the river was all the way past the parking lot in the down town amphitheater. Yesterday the emergency warnings kept coming on TV to alert us to high water and direct us to sandbagging stations in town.

Downtown Independence
This should be a stage, playground, parking lot THEN the river.

Do you see the playground? This is also where we lay around and hang out to watch the 4th of July fireworks and enjoy the concerts in the park during the summer.

Gross. Please don't go swimming in this. Our new city hall had a couple feet of poo in their basement because the sewer system just couldn't handle the water.

Thankfully, not our house. BUT people were sandbagging all over town.
I've hid Easter eggs in this park before. There is NOT a lake or pond in it.

This was at the beginning of all of this. This is the park that we take Gus to play fetch in. Again, there isn't a lake or pond anywhere near it! 

In town (Salem) where I work, things were not looking better. Here are a couple of pictures from friends, facebook etc.

All the kids were okay on this bus. They have a story to tell forever!
These people had to be rescued out of a flooded park on a raft.

Thankfully, the rivers have crested and right now it is only a light rain. Our house has been pretty dry, and we are both so thankful that we didn't buy one of the homes we were looking at on the creek.


Laura said...

Sending thoughts your way - I hope you stay comfortably dry!

Enjoy your weekend.

xo, Laura

Whitney Reed Cypert@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Oh my goodness! I wish y'all could send some of that rain to west Texas! My family lives there and have been fighting wild fires for the past several months due to the lack of rain. I can't believe how high the water is there! Glad you are safe! : )

Krista Lynn said...

Oh My gosh! I'm so out of the news - I don't have cable! I hope everyone is okay and that your home wasn't flooded!! Sending thoughts your way!

Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

How horrible! I am glad your house is dry, but what a mess!

Casey said...

Thank you! We're dry for now!

Casey said...

I wish we could! The rain is supposed to start again tomorrow morning and last through Wednesday night. Yikes!

Casey said...

My town hasn't even been on our local news, which is out of Portland. To be fair, there has been much worse damage in other areas, including a couple deaths. So scary!

Casey said...

One of my favorite places to go in the summer is a hop farm/beer tasting house on the river. The roads to get to it are still closed. The pictures they have been posting on their facebook have been insane, like watching their picnic table float away!