Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our House: The Walls We've Done

I mentioned yesterday that our house was in really good shape when we moved in, but it definitely needed paint. The people that lived here before us loved a country-ish styled home and had stencils everywhere, and that is so not us. BUT, we had no idea what color to paint. I painted one bathroom the first year we lived here. The room had a "fishing" theme, including lure and tackle wall paper border. I don't have a before picture of this room, but here it is now:
This is kind of a funky angle, but one wall is "jungle green" and the other three are a lighter green. But seriously, this took me about 6 months to pick the color and get it done.

The next summer, I tackled the master bathroom. This one had a "boat" theme, complete with a porthole shaped mirror.

I didn't really ask the Mister about what he wanted in this room. It's where I get ready in the morning, so it's kind of like my space. For this room I went with "sassy lilac." You've seen glimpses of this bathroom here and here. I don't think the Mister likes it very much, but he doesn't really go in there, except in the middle of the night, so he deals with it.

This last summer I decided to tackle the living room and kitchen. Some before:

Stencils around the large window
Stencils in this weird closet space
Now the kitchen:
Tulip stencils as a back splash that went around the entire kitchen

Dining room with more stencils

The problem with these two rooms is that there is a wall that goes in both the living room and dining room, so we needed colors that looked good together. Every time we went to Lowe's or Home Depot, we both would be overwhelmed with the choices. This started before we even moved in. So we never did anything. But after 2 and a half years of looking at those stencils, I had enough. The only thing I knew was that every time we went to a Mexican restaurant the Mister would ask me what I thought about the colors it was painted. (you know: oranges, yellows and reds.)

So, I went to Lowe's or Home Depot, whichever place we had a gift card to and grabbed a couple different shades of yellow paint chips. And what goes perfect with yellow? Grey! I grabbed a couple paint chips and brought them both home. I gave them to the Mister and told him to pick.

The living room is now granite grey:

This is Gus's bed. It doesn't really fit in the space, and we don't ever shut the door, so we should probably get rid of the crate soon. Probably when we do the floor.
And the kitchen/dining room is pineapple squeeze:

I love the bright yellow and the cool, rich grey color together. I also love my paper mache fruits and veggies.
Soon, I will post about the next two areas: the hallway and the master bedroom. We  I chose "marshmallow fluff" as the trim color for the interior of the house.

I have to ask, does anyone else take years to pick paint colors or is it just us?

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Kate said...

So much better without the stencils! love the colors- and don't worry, I take forever on picking paint too.