Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bathroom Desk: What I learned

As I said, the desk I found to give me some more storage/counter space in the master bath was in not so good shape. I don't have any "before" pictures, but know it was a used kids desk that had been marked down three times before it found its way into my home.

I took Little One (the desk) outside and put it down on a drop cloth. I wiped it down and used some goo-gone on the stickers/tape that was stuck to it. Then I went over the whole thing with sand paper and a couple of coats of marshmallow white paint later, I was (for the most part) pleased. I switched out the drawer pulls with some pewter colored pulls from Home Depot and brought it inside and set it up. I liked it, but something was missing. I looked through some inspiration and decided I needed some cute little birdies on the drawers. Since I am a no good draw-er, I did the next best thing and went to etsy for some vinyl decals. I found these from etsy seller Cherry Walls and purchased them in violet.

I added the lovelies (after the three week wait time for freshly painted surfaces) and I lurve the outcome. So cute! The Mister said he put Garbage Pail Kid stickers to his furniture when he was a kid. So it's the same. Here she is:

See how perfectly it fits in the space? And its just the right size for kitty box!

And the up close at the adorable little birds. See my little attempt at staging on the top?

Admittedly, I am a novice a furniture refurbishing so I learned a bunch of stuff from this first "big" project.

What I Learned
1. Small dings in the surface are magnified with paint. Next time, use wood putty to fill in those dings for a smoother finish.
2. Drawer pulls are kind of spendy. I happen to like the less expensive ones, and only spent $2 each, but there were some that were $6+ each. Yikes!
3. Vinyl decals are fun! There are so many on etsy that you can customize with colors/words. Plus, I just saw some at Target the other day that are fairly inexpensive. Putting a larger decal (a whole wall!) would be quite the undertaking, but could make a (removable) impact on a room.
4. The Mister does not share my vision when it comes to redoing furniture- yet. I think he will come around. Maybe.

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