Monday, August 29, 2011

People Put Desks in the Bathroom?

Our master bath is pretty small.  As far as storage goes there is a nice above toilet cabinet, space under the sink, and a small medicine cabinet. However, there is zero counter space. Since it is where I get ready in the morning, I started using the space around the sink and the window sill to hold my essentials. I have known for awhile that I wanted some sort of shelving or table to provide that counter space that it lacks. There is an open space between shower stall and the toilet that I wanted to put the shelves/table, however, the floor space is currently occupied by Allison's kitty box. So, I knew whatever I was looking for had to have enough space under it for that. At the beginning of summer I began my search. I started by looking at places like Target and Walmart at the laminate shelves and closet organizers that are easy to put together and cheap. Kind of like this...

But nothing I was finding would fit the box under it. Looking at it now, the box could have gone next to it, but I also never really liked the look of these anyway.

Then I decided I needed to have a drawer. So now I was looking for a table with a drawer, with enough space under it for the box. I moved my search to craigslist and to thrift stores without any luck. I pretty much forgot about it gave up hope after we got back from Hawaii. Then one day I was in Goodwill looking for a stool or tall chair for my classroom when I saw it. A small, beat up kid-sized desk that had been marked down three times already. It seemed like the right width to fit between the toilet and shower, and had 4 drawers: 3 down the side and a small one on the top. With that I picked it up and carried it to the front of the store and bought it. I knew it needed some work, but I brought it home and straight into the bathroom. It fit perfectly in the space and the space for the chair was the perfect size for the kitty box.

When the Mister got home I brought him in to the bathroom to show him my treasure. His response: "People put desks in a bathroom?"

Coming up- my first furniture redo/ what I learned post!

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