Friday, October 28, 2011

Now I'm the Jealous One

I posted earlier this week about my cat getting jealous, but now I have a case of the green eyed monster.  You see, a few times a month, this pulls up in front of my house:
Sometimes, it even parks directly in front of my house. Then, the happy Schwan's men get out and walk to my neighbors house.

I really have no idea why I am jealous. I've never had anything from the Schwan's truck, but the giant salmon fillet on the side of the truck peaks my interest. BUT what I am more interested in is the phrase "gourmet ice cream treats" that they have printed on the truck. I just googled pictures of "Schwan's ice cream" and all these delicious looking ice cream pictures showed up including this:

Is this Funfetti ice cream cake???  Sign me up!

The Mister isn't really on board with the Schwan's man. I mean, I haven't really looked up the prices or anything, but I don't see him loving the idea of frozen food being delivered to the house. I also don't know what the food tastes like, but all I know is that I want it.

Have you ever been jealous of something that you really didn't know anything about? Have you ever had that fabulous looking cake? Is it good?

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