Sunday, October 30, 2011

A weekend of Fall Fun!

It was another beautiful weekend in the Willamette Valley, and the Mister and I took advantage of it. My weekend started off on Friday night with a two hour Zumba Zombie party at my gym. This was so much fun. Zumba, if you don't know, is an aerobic dance class that is inspired by Latin and hip-hop moves. The workout you get really depends on your instructors (and your effort) and the two instructors at my gym are amazing. The two ladies took turns during the two hour class party, and I was sweating like a beast by the end. Costumes were encouraged, and some people went all out. I, being the lame-o that I am, only wore a skeleton shirt with my workout pants. I have no idea how some of the ladies in the class kept their zombie make-up on.

On Saturday, the Mister and I headed over to Silver Falls State Park. We only went on a 3 mile walk/hike but we saw five waterfalls. The leaves were so beautiful, and the weather was perfect. Dogs are not allowed in the state park, except for on one trail, so he got left at home.

I just thought these were neat looking

The Mister looking at one of the falls.

Gorgeous leaves.

Pretty much the entire hike looked like this. Perfection.

After, we went out to an early-ish dinner with a Groupon that I had for a yummy noodle place in Salem. Saturday night we finally carved our pumpkins, but I'll post about those tomorrow to be all festive and what not.

On Sunday I baked some bread and made a fabulous soup. Recipes will happen on Thursday, I promise. AND I made a Pinterest craft for Wednesday's Pinterest challenge over at Young House Love and Bower Power. The reveal to come on Wednesday!

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