Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 5 Things I Miss About College

I live in a college town. Technically, its the town next to the college town, but really, its like one place. It is the same place I went to college in. (Go Wolves!) Sunday is move-in day for the incoming freshman. I remember my move-in day and how scared I was. I also remember how I was trying to be cool and not let anyone know how scared I was. After my mom left, I was unpacking and it was almost dinner time. My roomie played on the soccer team and was gone on an away game and I didn't really want to go to the New Student BBQ alone, so I just kept unpacking. Then a girl from the hall came up to me and asked if I wanted to go with her. That totally made my day :)

In honor of the few thousand freshman moving into my town this weekend, I present my Top 5 Things I Miss About College:

1. Valsetz Salad Bar

Valsetz was the name of my college dining hall. The salad bar was nothing extra special, but all the veggies were already chopped and ready for me to just put in a bowl. There is no way the mister and I could have that amount of fresh veggies around daily.

2. Knowing my neighbors

For three years in college, I lived in the residence halls. (Once as a freshman, and then two years as an RA.) I loved knowing all of my neighbors and always having people around to hang out with, go to Valsetz with, watch Joe Millionaire with. (Seriously, I couldn't get enough of it!)

Now, I don't really know my neighbors. We wave, and talk about the weather, the sheep that ran down the street, the neighbors truck that got stolen... you know small talk. BUT, I don't know them.  Most of the people on out street are retired, or quite frankly, don't speak English, so it makes it hard to get to know them.

3. The ability to stay up past midnight and be functioning for an 8 am class.
For reals, how did I do that? Was I actually functioning or just kind of being a zombie? There is no way I could stay up past midnight and be able to function at work the next morning now. Although, I guess working moms of babies do this all the time. This might be a secret power of college students and moms.

4. Learning

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about college and how we "wasted" some of those classes. As an 18-22 year old, I just did not appreciate what I was learning in class or even the opportunity I had. I don't think any one does. I really noticed this when I was a graduate student in combined undergrad/graduate classes. Those little whippersnappers...

5. Pretending to be an adult
That sums up college. A bunch of kids without bills, all their meals taken care of, someone cleans the bathroom, and fun activities planned for them every weekend. I miss that. Who wouldn't??

What do you miss about college?

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