Saturday, September 17, 2011

What the heck is a Missoni?

Am I the only one who didn't get the memo about the Missoni line at Target? The Target website actually shut down twice because of it. And Lame-o Me had to google Missoni to see what the check it was. I learned that Target has a 400+ piece collection the ranges from clothing, to accessories to home stuff. I guess it all came out on Tuesday and by Wednesday it was pretty much picked through. I did some window shopping online browsing, and picked my favorites from the line. (This was not in depth research. I looked at one website. I reserve the right to change my favorite if I find something later. I also have no idea how much this stuff costs. That could also change my mind about my favorites quickly :)

Missoni at Target Bathing suit: Too cute! I could live without the headband though.
Missoni for Target Pillows: I'm a huge fan of the patterns and the bold colors/textures, however I don't think the Mister would love the colors.
The boots. The scarf. I die. Hurry up Fall weather!!!
Finally, look at that bike. I puffy heart love it.

We're you a part of the cool kids this week and hear about this Missoni stuff? Any fabulous things I missed out on???

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Pixie said...

No I’m with you I just am not into the whole Missoni thing. The only thing I can think is isn’t the stripes the type that makes you look wider? I definitely think the line appeals more to women. My hubs just rolled his eyes when he saw it on the news.