Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to school!

For the last  24 years, I have had a similar experience every September. This year is no different. It is the night before the first day of school and I am excited, nervous and hopeful for the new school year to begin. The night before it's hard to sleep, my lunch for the next day is packed and I have always picked out my first day of school outfit at least two days in advance. For most teachers, the new school year is a lot like a New Year's Eve, without the booze. There are usually resolutions, and overall things just feel new. The kiddos are excited and I think they are looking forward to a fresh year, and for some, a chance to start fresh from how they have done in the past.

This year, I have my own classroom (again). I am more than excited to get off the cart I was on last year and have my own space to decorate and put up my student's work and make it our space. I do have some "resolutions" this year. These include getting work back to the kids promptly, keeping my desk cleaned off, and dressing more professional this year. But mostly, I am looking forward to the year. The last two years have been rough on us as a staff, with test scores and budget concerns. Those things aren't going away this year, but I know I am ready to just do the best job I can for my students. I am determined to stay positive this year. I am so thankful to even have a job, especially one that I truly do love going to every morning.

Here is a peak at a poster I made for my room this year. Middle school is such an awkward time, and when I first saw this saying I knew it had to be up in my classroom. It is also a good reminder for me too! AND, it helped me cross one off my 30 before 30 list. I will be doing a weekly update on the list starting later this week!

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