Saturday, September 3, 2011

30 before 30

I turn 30 this year. In about 114 days in fact. (That means you have 113 shopping days until Christmas!) With just 3 1/2 months left in my 20's, I have decided to come up with copy cooler people than me and write out 30 things that I need to do before the big day. There are tons of these lists out there, but most were written a few years out from the big day. I have about 3 months, so I  am setting up two rules for my 30: Realistic in the time frame and the item must really only depend on me to make it happen. (For example "Go to Australia" is not realistic in the next 3 months so it doesn't go on my list.)

1. Vegas with my hubby!
2. Finish another 1/2 Marathon
3. Sew something that I am not embarrassed of
4. Reupholster something... (I guess I need something to recover!)
5. Create a gallery wall
6. Frame & display wedding pictures
7. Lose some weight. (I hesitate to put a number on this. I want to be healthy and feel better about myself, and it has to be a realistic number. I'm thinking 15-20 lbs??)
8. Go vegan for a week
9. Cook a new recipe once a week
10. Let people know about this little blog and get some followers
11. Continue blogging 4-7 posts a week
12. Clean out the spare room (formally wedding room, now disaster room)
13. Paint the hall and bedroom
14. Get a make-over and buy some of those products
15. Send Christmas cards
16. No fast food for a month (Does Subway count? What about Dutch Bros/Starbucks??I will have to decide...)
17. Take a necklace I inherited from my gramma in to have some links added
18. Do something from my pinterest boards
19. Get a massage
20. Do a version of Stephanie O'Dea's Daily 7
21. Meal plan for three weeks straight and follow the plan!
22. Go see a movie by myself
23. Have my eyes checked.
24. Get a new work ID (with my married name)
25. Take a cooking class
26. Send birthday cards in the mail, even to people I see regularly
27. Stay a week ahead at work
28. Floss
29. Put 10% in savings from each paycheck
30. Roast a whole chicken

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