Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 5 Friday: Favorite things of Summer 2011

As a teacher, coming back to school after the summer break, is a lot like going back to school as a student. One question that you get asked several times is: How was your summer? Do anything fun? Here are my top 5 things of Summer 2011...

1. Kauai- Duh

The Mister and are fortunate enough that we both have jobs, and have been able to take several vacations together. Neither of us had been to Hawaii before, and it was amazing. I realize that after we have kiddos traveling will get more expensive and much more difficult. Kauai was a fabulous trip. We snorkeled, went boogie boarding, hiked, kayaked and hung out on the beach. I would go again. Tomorrow.

2. Reading-

Growing up I loved reading. then in middle school it wasn't cool anymore, so I stopped. I didn't really start reading for fun again until I graduated college. Now during the school year, I'm pretty busy and I don't read as much as I want to, but during the breaks, I can't put them down. During the summer I read tons. True, it's nothing deep, in fact most of what I read is fluff. A lot of James Patterson, Madeline Wickham, Charlaine Harris etc. I did also finally read The Help. So good!

3. Lazy Days
I will fully admit there were a couple days I didn't get out of my jammies. I was reading, watching episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter and CSI. Those days don't happen during the school year unless I am sick. Sometimes you just need them.

4. Taking Gus to the River

We didn't do this as much this year as we usually do. This summer has been cool and rainy. It really didn't warm up until this month, but Gus lurves the river.

5. Festivals
I. Love. Festivals. I like walking around outside, eating different/new foods out of trucks, people watching and looking at the stuff people have on display. Independence as a ton of these events throughout the summer and early fall. I am still looking forward to our annual Hop & Heritage Festival celebrating the hop harvest. And of course, I will be going to the state fair next weekend!

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