Thursday, August 25, 2011

Allison Kitten is OKAY!!!

Spoiler Alert: The title gives away the ending of the story
I've had a pretty stressful week. The week (Sunday) started off great, in fact my facebook status was something about a great last day of summer. Then, around 7pm my Allison Kitten threw up. Gross, but not completely unusual. Then she did it again about an hour or so later. This time it was a lot of water. I was starting to get concerned, while the Mister was just grumbling about the stupid fat cat. Allison continued to throw up all night long. I barely got any sleep. The worst part of it all was I had to go back to work the next morning so I couldn't take her straight to the vet like I wanted to. Monday morning I did call the vet and make an appointment for that afternoon. I texted the Mister the time, and he texted back saying he would try to get off work early to come with me. I lost it with that.

He has never once offered to come with me to the vet for either furbaby. He still hasn't said this, but I know he wanted to be there for me in case she had to be put down :(

Anyway, that didn't happen. We actually spent two hours at the vet where they took her blood, gave her xrays etc. for them to tell me they didn't know why she was so sick, but they gave her fluids and an anti-nausea shot and a bottle of anti-biotics and some special canned food. Since Tuesday she has been eating her special diet and started playing with her toys again. I am so happy and thankful for that!

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