Sunday, May 12, 2013

Looking forward and back...

Sunday Social

1 year ago...
We were celebrating Mother's Day at mom's house.
We were planning our summer vacation to Kauai.
I was anxiously waiting for the school year to be over :)

5 years ago...
I was 26.
My 26th birthday. It was an ugly sweater party.
We had only been dating for 2 1/2 months.
We were all googley eyed at each other.

10 years ago..
I was 21 and a junior in college. I was really excited to become a grown up. Dumb.

1 year from now...
We (probably) will be living in this same house, working in our same jobs, and maybe expecting a baby. And I will be looking forward to summer.

5 years from now...
I'll still be teaching. Maybe at a high school. We'll have a little family.
And I will be looking forward to summer.
10 years from now...
I'll be 41. Yikes. We will be involved in what ever the kid is involved in. And I will be looking forward to summer :)


Christina said...

I love that picture of the Future Next Exit!! I think I may save that one!!
Just found your blog!
Now following!!
Looking forward to keeping up :)


Becky Dougherty said...

I'm pretty sure that no matter how many years into the future you go, you will always be looking forward to summer at this time. :)

Oh and yes, that IS an ugly sweater.

Kristin said... why did we ever want to graduate college...?

I feel like they brainwashed us into believing we could "have it all" in the real world.