Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 for 5 week 11

So I missed a week with my 5 for 5... oops. Here were my goals 2 weeks ago and how I did...

1. Drink a full water bottle at work everyday. 
2. Have everything ready for the next week before I leave on Friday.
3. Clear out the sink/counters every night before bed.
4.Go to at least 2 classes at the gym.
5. Eat something for breakfast everyday.

Not good. Maybe that's why I didn't update last week. I have been in such a funk lately, especially when it comes to working out. I just don't feel like it. I even have my gym bag packed, but when I leave work nothing is motivating me to go. Even the last time I went to Zumba, I was just bleh about it. And don't even ask me when the last time I ran was. I really wish I was able to take a workout class before work. I am also just bleh at work too. I am just dragging there as well. Probably because I am not working out. It's a cycle and I need to jump off.

This weeks goals:
1. Drink a full water bottle at work everyday.
2. Have everything ready for the next day before I leave work.
3. 2 classes at the gym.
4. Go to Ulta.
5. Go to the bank.

Any tips for getting out of my funk?


Jen said...

It's so hard to get out of funks sometimes. Maybe try a walk after work, that might help.

Kristin said...

Sometimes working out in the morning (spin...yuck...or running) gives me motivation to get thru the day bc I'll feel better about myself. Work = bleh.

Erika said...

I think that going to Ulta will pull you out of your funk. How is that even a 'task' along the same lines as drinking water or going to the gym??!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

A good deep long sleep and a self mani usually boost me back up.

Katie said...

it always nice to start the week with everything ready to go!! I do well with that at the beginning of the year but get worse as the year goes on!

Kaeley said...

Try something new or out of the ordinary!!