Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Last First Date

I love my husband. A lot. Maybe I am feeling nostalgic or whatever but I was thinking back to when he and I first met. I thought I would share the story of our first date with all of you.

Five years ago (on leap day) I went on my last first date. I have already shared that the Mister and I met on MySpace. After a month of emailing and messaging back and forth, he asked if we should get together for dessert at a local bakery. I had oral surgery the week prior to the date, but I thought that I could handle cake and tea.

The day of our date came, and he messaged me saying that we might as well meet for dinner since it was going to be dinner time. I agreed, although I was pretty worried about my mouth. I was still eating a mostly soft food/soup diet at the time. He suggested we meet at Thompson House, a local brewery/restaurant that was literally across the street from my apartment building. I gave him my phone number (we hadn't talked on the phone yet) and told him to call me when he was at the stop light. Once I got the call, I walked over.

I met him inside. Immediately I noticed his outfit: jeans, a Rogue brewery baseball hat and a brown shirt with two guns on it. Clearly he had taken the same amount of time as I had to pick out my outfit. :) They sat us upstairs and we both ordered a drink. After some small talk, we started looking at the menu. I was scanning for anything "soft." I settled on the halibut and chips. As we were waiting for our food, two of my girlfriends from work showed up. They saw me and came over and started talking. One of them realized we were on a first date, and got them out of there.

We kept chit chatting, when two more of my guy friends walked up the stairs. (The crazy part, one of them was living out of state, and I had no clue he was in town.) They had heard I was there, and they came to crash it. My poor date just looked so confused, as if I had sent all these people to the restaurant to spy on him. Eventually all of my "guests" left and our food came. Besides for the random interruptions  we had no awkward silences.

When he got up to go to the bathroom, a table of guys near us leaned over and asked if we were on a first date. I laughed, and said yes. The told me things were going very well. When I asked them how they knew it was a first date, they said something about how I hooked my purse to my foot under the table.

At the end of the date, we walked outside and fumbled our goodbyes. He claims I ran away and across the street. I say I just walked home. Later that week we ended up going out for cake and tea and stayed 3 hours in the bakery talking. :) The rest, is history.

What was your best first date?


Erika said...

Such a cute story!! I am uber impressed that you met on MySpace and that he didn't end up being completely creepy. :) I love that a table of guys was able to recognize the signs of a first date, too- impressive!!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awww how cute! you guys are adorable!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That's hilarious that people kept crashing it!

I hated dating, all dating!

Jen said...

Such a sweet story!!!! :)

Angi said...

Aww I love this story! Did your mouth survive the halibut and chips? ;)

Katie said...

what a cute story!

Lauren said...

Aww this is adorable!