Monday, February 11, 2013

My Mom Was A Hipster

We spent another long day working on my mom's estate. It is a really weird/hard/emotional thing to go through an entire houseful of stuff that belonged to your parents. There are pictures and things that I want to know the story behind, but unfortunately there isn't anyone to ask. Trust me, this is not a fun task that we are doing. Through it all, I did start to notice something.

I think my mom was a hipster.

1. Outdated, working electronics.
I have 2 record players, 2 35mm film cameras with lenses & tripod, 3 typewriters, a Polaroid camera, and a Betamax video player. (Who besides for hipsters has a Betamax??)

2. Record Albums.
Oh my word do we have record albums. If my mom was a true hipster there would be some Smiths in the mix, but if you want some Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka or Chaka Kahn, I think I have it all. (I actually haven't looked through all of them, but there is tons.)

3. Kitting and Sewing stuff. 
Yarn for days and not 1, not 2 but 3 vintage sewing machines complete with tables. There is also a ton of hand knit hats and scarves.

4. Retro kitchenware
Canisters, jars, Pyrex etc. There are patterns that include flowers, mushrooms etc. Many of these items would fit perfectly in a hipsters kitchen.

I am kicking myself for not taking pictures (I googled for all of these). I'll be headed back there next weekend, I wonder what I will find next time.


Erika said...

Three table sewing machines??!! That's pretty awesome. You could probably get good money for those. My mom has and still uses hers, it's gotta be 40 years old. parents still have STACKS of Betamax videos of me as a baby. Hours and hours of me sleeping and crying. Apparently I was the first child in history to do these things?

Jen said...

I love all the cool stuff you found. It is hard going through stuff that belong to a parent/s. It was hard going through my mom's stuff.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Cleaning someone's house out is crazy. We just did it with my Grandmom's. I can't imagine doing it with my parents'. Big hugs to you.

I love everything you found!

Rachel said...

That truly must be hard! I know my parents and uncles and aunts dread going through my grandparents' stuff someday. But my Grandma still has pretty much every original appliance, dish, and kitchen accessory that she got for her wedding 50 years ago--so now I guess such things would be considered hipster, too!

Katie said...

that sounds like a hard and draining thing to do! hoping that the rest of it goes well. and hope that you find some more cool things!

Betty said...

All of those things would be steals at thrift/antique stores! How fun! Just stumbled upon your following!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

fun :) a lot of those things would look great in your house and hold so many memories too! hand me downs are the best.