Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Typical Day

I have seen a few people around the blog world do a "day in the life" post, and I love a good bandwagon, so I jumped right on. I really like reading these types of posts, mostly because I am nosy. Actually, I thought about doing this post as I was struggling to get out of bed this morning. So sit back and enjoy a typical day in the life of Casey.
5:15 My alarm goes off. I roll over and press snooze a few times. I had some trouble sleeping again last night (I guess I need to try this before bed), and I can already tell this is going to be a rough morning.

5:45 Crap. It's already 5:45. I roll out of bed and head into the bathroom and do my business including plugging in my straightener,  cleaning my ears, etc.

6:00 Gross. My dumb cat just threw up. Stupid. Now I need to clean it up. I go back to getting ready, and I watch the news a little bit.

6:35 I head on out and start my car. Back inside I make my coffee and  I also decide to throw together something in the crockpot for dinner.

6:40 I am in the car and headed to work.

7:10 Arrive at work. I spend the next 15 minutes getting caught up on emails and getting prepared for the upcoming day.

7:25 My classroom is outside of the building, so this is my last chance to go to the bathroom for a few hours. I head inside and check my box etc.

7:35 It's time to unlock my classroom door and let my first period class in. My first period of the day is my leadership class and they are a lot of fun. However today we spent half the period discussing the right price for our Valentine's we will be selling. (They finally settled on 75 cents, however we still are trying to figure out how much candy to put on them. I will keep you all updated.)

8:45-11:45 I have three 8th grade health classes in this time frame, so yes I teach the same thing over and over again. It's the beginning of a new semester so I am still trying to get a feel for my new classes and students. Today's lesson was on goal setting. We spent part of the class listening to music trying to figure out if it was talking about a dream or a goal. That means I got to listen to this song 4 times today.

11:45 Finally I can head back inside to use the bathroom. Oh it's lunch too. Today I am having some Campbell's chicken noodle soup and apple slices.

12:20 Last class of the day. This one so far is a handful. It is big, they talk a lot, and by now I am beat.

1:20 This is my prep period. Today I use the time to do some paperwork, and get everything ready for tomorrow. I also change my clothes for my after school Zumba class. Yes, I change in my classroom. I lock the door and close the blinds.

2:30 I head inside for the bathroom (again) and to meet my girls for Zumba. Today I had 10. That is huge. We got kicked out of both gyms so I hold my class in the computer lab. Kind of weird yes, but we make it work.

4:10 Go home time!

4:45 I make it home and dinner smells okay. I shower up, and then make some rice and roasted broccoli to go along with my pineapple coconut milk chicken dish thing I threw together. It actually wasn't too bad. It needed a little bit more seasoning. The Mister and I usually eat dinner in the living room while we are watching TV. Lame I know. I wish we would eat at the table more often, but right now it is covered in stuff.

5:45 Time to open the old laptop and catch up on some blogs. I don't think I have a very efficient way of reading them. Sometimes I open up Google reader and just scroll down. Other times I use dashboard, and just read my favorites/whatever titles & pictures catch my eye. The Mister is also playing on his computer. We both are watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother at the same time. (This is a romantic night around here.)

7:00 Time to get ready for tomorrow. I pack my lunch, get my gym bag ready and blow dry my hair. (yes, its been in a towel since I got out of the shower) I also get some laundry folded and clean up the kitchen.

7:40 Treat time! Nutter Bar and some sleepy time vanilla tea. It's Tuesday night, so I will be watching NCIS and if I am still up I will keep it on for NCIS Los Angeles.

Have you ever done one of these type of posts? I'd love to read it!


Jen said...

I love this post. Your nights at home sound like my nights with Kyle. We watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory. :) I would love to do this but have a feeling my days are painfully boring haha.

Erika said...

This is great!! Love your classroom-- in my district they were known as 'learning cottages'...such positive terminology, right?? My blog reading is also not very efficient. I wonder if there's truly a good system for such things. Anyway, thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

i'm impressed you make coffee and throw dinner in the crock pot while your car warms up. I would not make it only going the bathroom once in the morning. luckily I have an aid in my room in the morning and I always run to the bathroom while she's in here! I wish our day started earlier so we could get out of school earlier!

Becky Dougherty said...

Love it! We have so many similar events in our typical day: puking cats, teaching, eating dinner in front of the TV, spending the evening online, NCIS. So many good things! :) haha

Rachel said...

You have a busy day! Gotta love the crock pot for doing the cooking for ya, though!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I haven't done one, but I want to! I need to get this on my to do list. I love reading them too!